Again just a few seconds in wartank chat and i found pe.dophilia AND racism both of which violate terms of service but noone has been banned. Ill attatch screenshots.

In one screenshot youll see the one person talking about i want to eat chicken. Then the other screenshot the other person saying no my chickens are right here asleep. In this case the the term chicken refers to kids. Its whats known as masking.

Masking is against overmobiles terms of service. But if its connected to pe.dophilia it seems they allow it. In the other screenshot youll see a guy ive been watching on there using the term crackers. A racist term he uses to address white people.

He does it often. Again none of these people have been banned but they banned a 15 year old girl for trying to report to game admin that a bunch of creepy pe.dophiles were harassing her.

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